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Welcome to a.d. Media Brands

Manufacturing | Branding | Digital Strategy | Marketing

We are a team of dedicated and passionate entrepreneurs that want to help your business operate lean and grow in today's digital economy.


Lean Manufacturing

With over 20+ years manufacturing experience helping businesses run lean operations, we can identify areas for improved to increase ROI.


Branding is more important in today’s digital economy than ever before. Let us help your brand stand out in the crowd and grow the business.


Digital Strategy

Whether it’s social media, content or working with influencers, we are experts in digital strategy. Finding what works best for your brand is our priority.



We understand marketing and PR. Receiving local and national media attention is possible with the right connections and resources. We can help!

How Can We Provide Value?

Contact us to schedule a consultation so we may assist in getting your brand in front of more consumers. We want your business to run lean and have a comprehensive strategy to increase your bottom line.